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Oil Economy ~ Adulteration

Lets understand edible oil - which is not at all edible !

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Is it Adulterated ?

Today, we purchase cooking oils ., Have we anytime thought of its purity / quality ?  - Oil quality is not equal to clean and clear/transparent with less viscosity (thin)... I mean all refined, filtered, standardized oils are not of any quality.

Sunflower oil , Groundnut oil ., etc., are edible; and Today, on the side lines of supermarket shelves - we also get to see new bottles labeled with 'just' edible or vegetable oil  - Yes, the oil bottle is labeled as vegetable oil or edible oil - just that,  but what are its contents  ? Slowly we are moving to consume the unknown!

There is a famous saying - If you know* what you eat, then you will know* how to heal your body. If you consume the unknown, then yes - your medicines too will come that way. This is the equation. Self abuse is the worst, and if it’s through adulterated unknown food or medicine (i.e. via consumption) - hell be with it - you are getting into irreversible damage. Why abuse the body - system and repent later., ?

know* - how food is cultivated/grown, how food is processed and cooked..,

Any oil is not supposed to be refined nor filtered, and by doing so it becomes useless! We even go to an extent to say oil can be edible only after refining - false!. Read more on this @ http://blog.sejalvora.com/2010/10/25/the-truth-about-refined-cooking-oil/

Let see how much Groundnut oil will cost? Are you ready for industrial scale calculation of oil production ? (P.S INR – Indian rupee)

1kg groundnut costs about INR 60 to 150 depending on quality .,  - Let’s assume we get a fair quality of groundnut @ INR 60 per kg ... Now, to produce 1kg of oil - you need approximately 3 kgs of groundnut  - which costs about INR 180! Groundnut oil is cold pressed; Irrespective of hot or cold pressed, oil yield from the seeds is about 35% approximately.

If you want to know about hot and cold pressed oil - http://www.oil-press-machine.com/news/oil_press_news/comparion-between-cold-pressed-oil-and-h.html

We need to add investment, administrative, marketing, promotion, sales, distribution, transport, production, storage., refining, filtration,  and other costs to this..., Lets say 10 per kg (for all this mentioned cost !) - So 1 kg on the lower side would cost INR 180 + 10 = INR 190 !

How come - we are able to buy groundnut oil for so less (INR 110 or less) - Are these companies making huge losses, or are they adulterating the oil ...How come they are able to sell a product worth 190 for almost half its price?

On the other hand India imports huge amount of mineral oil , paraffin oil, glycerin ... etc - either they are byproduct (waste) of crude-oil (petroleum) refining process or some form of animal fat ! The cost of these oils fluctuate w.r.t crude oil (petroleum! wtf) - these oils are used from a to z … from machine lubrication to most cosmetic products (cream, lotion, moisturizers) ... Labeled as safe to use for external application. Phew ~ Like others, I use too!

These oil's just contaminate the system (body) and does no good. Lets say, If In India - the sales of cosmetics and edible oil is 1000 liters/kg per month - My guess, India imports approximately 1/3 (333 liters/kg) per month of mineral-oil or some form of animal fat at a throwaway price.

fyi - Import data - https://www.zauba.com/importanalysis-/hs-code-2710-report.html or https://www.zauba.com/importanalysis-/hs-code-27-report.html  (Mineral oil @ 35 to 50 per liter)

I assume all these edible oil's are adulterated with Mineral oil (white oil, petroleum fractions) , vegetable oil, castor oil,  argemone oil, etc., #TooGoodToBeTrue

Did it strike anything ? .... Next time, we should head to Ghani / kolhu - kohlu / chekku (எண்ணெய் செக்கு) to buy fresh cold pressed oil.

The above information has been published many times in bits and pieces on many tamil journals - I am just summing up... I am not to scare you, at the same time I hear many friends asking me - what are the alternatives ... and how to trust those alternatives!

My 2 cents (on alternatives and how to trust them) and some points ... ,

  • Try buying AGMARK certified Grade 1/A oil or
  • Try to buy non-refined packed oil
  • Dont stick to one type of oil, make sure you change your cooking oil (type) often - So, that your body can be accustomed to accept all types of oil's ! Olive / canola oil is not at all necessary - Unless you need a flavouring, luxury - category oil. Now dont start on omega-3 blah blah blah - that deserves a seperate post by itself. 
  • Sesame (Sesamin or Til or Gingelly Oil) is expensive and has goodness packed. 
  • Find a Ghani / kolhu - kohlu / chekku from your trusted sources!
  • As I am running out of options for alternatives, why don’t you try to be my guest, and can you suggest....
  • Dont forget, you are not alone in this chaos !

Finaly, I with you to Eat healthy, be Healthy, ..,

(செக்கு எண்ணெய் பயன்படுத்தவும்)


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Wednesday 01 April 2015 at 10:50 am

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four comments

  1. We would like to get in touch with you in connection with the Wiki posting of Al Gurg. Please can you respond to this mail.

    ESAG Communications

    ESAG Communications

    30-08-’15 18:19

  1. Hi, I was discussing with my friends about the adulteration in Oils and we were discussing in same line. There is a big corporate mafias behind all these. To support them all the doctors, Film stars and sports person advertising and giving false information to people.
    These companies will remove all the fat and goodness from the oil, use the baseless liquid in our food because its recommended by doctors. However use the Fat to manufacture soap, etc which can be sold as costly as possible. Remove the Fat from milk and drink again white colored fluid, later the companies can sell milk powders, cheeses, etc.
    There is another daemon called Corn Flakes, Pizzas, burgers entered our system, so once we are out of food grains those who are cultivating the corns can ship to us. I am happy that you have taken time write blog. Keep up the good work Muthu.



    03-05-’16 20:44

  1. Good article Muthu. Creates much needed awareness about refined sugar/oil/wheat.



    07-09-’16 12:13

  1. Can we switch to producing our own oil by use of domestic oil pressing machines??



    19-10-’16 12:26

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